5 Ways Make Your Business Blog Less Boring


We all know that our online platform is paramount to market our business. But for some people, creating frequent and fresh content can be a task too big to tackle alongside the day-to-day running of a business. According to Contently, 41% of marketers struggle with content creation, and the problem usually starts with what to write about. Business blogs don’t have to be boring or laborious, so here are a few tips on coming up with content that’s both informative and interesting, to boost your business engagement and online prescence.

  1. Do your research
    Do your competitors create their own blog content? If so, learn from those who are in the industry. Keep your friends close, and enemies closer. Don’t see a successful business blog as unattainable. Take tips from those who are writing the best business blog posts in your trade. Then, you’ll get a better idea of the blog posts you should be publishing.

2. Be less broad
People reading your trade blog will either be in the same industry as you, or potential customers who want to learn about your business. Make your business blog content less broad, delve deep into different topics. That will set you apart from your competitors. Also, use words like ‘expert’ or ‘advanced’ in your content. Your readers will feel they are learning from the best in the business. Use your niche to your advantage, stick with what you know and people will share your content.

3. Show emotion and empathy
Write about things that are a source of struggle in your own business. Through this, show some emotion when writing about the problem you had, and how you solved it. A struggle-to-success-story will make your business blog more relatable; and using engaging language such as ‘it was a relief’ or ‘that was a frustrating experience’, a level of relatability will translate into interest and interaction with your post.

4. Be transparent
In order to battle the boredom in your blog, you need to keep it real in your writing and open up about real issues in your area of business. There will be things that people in your business area that people are banging their heads on the table about, but no one is tackling it. Honesty is the best policy, and you’ll win more blog engagement over with more transparency in your posts.

5. Keep it fun
The best way to be less boring, is by being more fun. If you enjoy writing, keeping your content ‘fun’ will come naturally to you. If you’re not a fan of writing, take fun where you can find it. This may be through your imagery, or the stories you tell. Nevertheless, the key to the best business blog posts is keeping the balance of information and entertainment. So keep it fun, but know the boundaries.

Libby Toogood


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