A Visit to Cabin Cwtch


By Lucy Taylor

You see everybody posting on social media that they’re in Costa or Starbucks, the typical norm for all of us because let’s face it, coffee is a life saver and gets us through the working day.

But I’m one for visiting local coffee shops that don’t get enough social media attention and don’t get the praise that they do deserve.

So one Monday afternoon, I took myself off to a little coffee shop called Cabin Cwtch in Langstone, opposite the New Inn pub. Just off the main road, when I park your car, I’m greeted by a painted light grey double garage style building with eye-catching potted shrubs placed around the front of the building. 

As I walk in, a few people are already there, drinking their coffee, tea or whatever that’s in their mugs. A friendly staff member serves me at the till and I ask for something that is now most definitely in season – a hot chocolate. Not too expensive, pretty standard prices for what you get in the big chain coffee places these days.

I get told that it’ll be brought over and I find a table (which was table 11, if you wondered) near the old fireplace, which is now has a tripod of candles in its place.

I get brought my hot chocolate and it even has a heart in dark cocoa sprinkled on the top. A very nice touch, well, it’s the little things as they say. I get my notebook out and get writing down my thoughts and ideas. The hot chocolate is delicious, not too sweet, it’s just right.

Looking around the place, there are lots of quotes plaques and pictures adorning the beige and wood panel walls, I love those sort of quotes, they are reminders to us all that we are pretty lucky with what we have at the moment. There’s always somebody worse off than us. 

So I finish off my hot chocolate and I leave the Cabin Cwtch and head off for my car.

I would definitely recommend the Cabin Cwtch if you just want to go for a quick coffee or tea with a friend, or even just by yourself if you want to just get out of your normal routine and just want to try something different.

I can definitely see why this place is growing in popularity. Also I just love the word ‘cwtch’. A typical Welsh word which we all use regularly.



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