Academy Espresso Bar


By Jen Davies

On the edge of Barry’s growing bayside community, Academy Espresso Bar is the perfect fit for this new district. Housed in the historic Pumphouse it blends eclectic style with the industrial heritage of the the building. The space is calm and contemporary, the staff friendly and attentive with their signature t’s stating WORK HARD and be nice to people!

By day Academy serve excellent coffee and brunch, with the ubiquitous but delicious, sourdough and avocado a menu staple. The crowd are a relaxed mix of dog walkers and gym goers (Snap fitness is on the doorstep), mums, dads, kids and workers.

By night Academy has a very different vibe, more urban bar than suburban coffee house. It hosts a variety of excellent pop-up street food vendors on the terrace to accompany their craft beer and cocktail selection. This collaboration offers an ever-changing menu alongside the artisan platters that Academy’s kitchen serve from Thursday to Saturday night. Rocking an inspiring range of tattoos the night crew are excellent hosts for a top evening. There’s even a regular event for live music fans.

Like many non-central bars and restaurants Academy opens 7 days a week as a coffee house, and as a bar/eatery Thursday to Saturday till 11pm. Academy have managed to get the right blend between coffee shop and bar, with the addition of pop ups their offering is kept fresh, fun and different, worth a visit wherever you are in the capital.

For info on openings and events check out Academy Espresso Bar

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