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Here at Local Link we are on the go 24/7 but we will always have time for our clients and any questions they may have. Yet, as you may know, answering the same questions over and over again can get a little repetitive. So, here is the low down on what we do; a little Q&A, if you will.

Do I have to go in all 4 areas? 

The short answer is, no! You can be in as many or as few issues as you want, depending on where you want to advertise your business.

Can I switch areas?

If you feel like your business is doing better in some areas than others, you can always choose to switch issues or take on more, or less areas.

How is the distribution split across 4 magazines? 

In Newport, we deliver to 5000 homes, and 4000 in each Heath, Lisvane and Thornhill and Pontpreannau and Cyncoed.

Do you offer discounts? 

Yes! If you would like to feature in more than one issue or for more than one month, we can offer some exclusive discounts. Get in contact for some more information.

When do the magazines go out and how do we know? 

Magazines are distributed the first week of each month to all four areas. Once they go out, each delivery is GPS tracked so we can see exactly which areas the magazines have been distributed to.

How can I pay? When will I need to pay? Can I pay monthly? 

There are many ways to pay us. You can pay in a one off lump sum by Bacs transfer, cash, a cheque or over the phone. Alternatively, you can set up a monthly direct debit to make your payments a bit smaller.

Do you design artwork? 

If you would like to advertise but don’t have any designs or artwork for us to feature, we are able to create artwork for you from the price of just £10.

When do you need artwork by? 

If you do have artwork that you want to send us, then e-mail it over to us by the 15th of each month.

Can I have an editorial? 

As well as ads, we also offer editorials. Give us a call for more information about including editorials.

Will you share my advert? 

Yes! We offer free content sharing with every advertisement the mag. Just provide us with the content you want, and we’ll post it online!

How do you know that people read the magazines? 

The magazine would not be a success unless we had repeat customers, of which, we have many! Companies find the ads so effective that they book months in advanced in order to advertise with us. Some companies also include exclusive codes and offers within their adverts to see how many customers and clients they bring in through our magazine. In addition, we also host a range of competitions throughout the year. The responses we get are a great indication of how many people read the magazine.

I have a community project that I want to share, do I need to pay for this? 

We advertise community news for free, but space is not always guaranteed. If we have the space, we will try our best to get it in the magazine.


We’d be happy to chat about any of these queries and many more! Contact us for more information.


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