An Interview with Mica Moore


Mica Moore is one half of the Bobsleigh duo, who with her sporting partner, Mica McNeill, finished eighth in the Bobsleigh at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February this year, the best ever result for British women’s bobsleigh. They fought against odds when their funding was cut to compete in the games, and overachieved their crowdfunding target to cover the costs to compete, raising over £41,000. Moore is also a competitive sprinter.

How did you get into your sports – sprinting and bobsleigh?

I started sprinting when I was around 15 years old. I’d previously done lots of other sports including horseriding, gymnastics and hockey. In 2014 I went to the Commonwealth Games as part of the relay where we came seventh and achieved a national record. When I got back I was invited on a training camp to Arizona, but when I came home I got struck down with a virus that wiped out my season. I was really devastated and still wanted to compete in a sport to high level but didn’t feel that I could do this in athletics. At that time I had a friend in the Bobsleigh team who suggested I come along for trials and it went from there.

How did it feel to win the junior Bobsleigh World Championship last year?

It felt amazing to win because we had a very difficult year with some races that hadn’t gone to plan. It was the end of a very long season, so it was the cherry on top.

The funding for your sport was withdrawn just five months before the Olympic Games. How did it feel to get such overwhelming support from your crowdfunding?  To have the support from the people was incredible especially in a minority sport like Bobsleigh. To know that people are backing you and behind you every step of the way was really overwhelming and we were so grateful to all those people.

What was running through your mind when you achieved the best result Britain have seen for Bobsleigh?

I still don’t think it’s sunk in but it’s incredible to think that we were able to achieve that and especially as it’s only my second season in the sport. We were so happy just to be at the games and to be able to compete.

Your dad is your sprinting coach. How do you find working with a family member?

I really love working with my dad. I find that the relationship we have works really well and he knows me as well as anyone. I know he has my bestinterest at heart.

Your mum won the 100m and 200m Master events at the same event. Do you ever train together?

When I first started in athletics I used to train a lot with my mum But as I’ve gotten older, and mum has retired from athletics, we don’t often train together any more but sometimes she joins me on my recovery sessions to the sauna!

What do you love most about competing?

I love all the friends you make when you are competing. It’s difficult when you’re actually in the competition to be friends but once the competition is over then you can have a great laugh about it. I also love the feeling after a race where you just want to go back to the start and improve everything you’ve just done.

Do you and Mica (McNeill) get on well out of the bobsleigh?

Yes, I think you have to. We spend so much time with each other – around six months on season. We have to have trust in each other when were on the track.

You studied at Cardiff Metropolitan University. How would you describe your time there?

I had an amazing time,I really enjoyed my time there and I’m so grateful to all the lecturers who supported me. The facilities on campus have helped me so much in my sporting career. I had access to an indoor and outdoor track and fully kitted out gym.

What advice would you give to any students that are looking to make it in the sporting world?

You have to be determined and set realistic goals along the way.

How did you stay in shape at University to carry on competing?

I was very strict on myself, I try not to go out too much. I also spoke to the canteen and asked them if they could make healthy meals for me to make sure my diet was the best it could be. I would train in between lectures and in evenings too.

What’s your proudest achievement to date?

It’s obviously competing at the Olympics. It’s the highest standard I’ve ever completed at and it was an amazing experience. I also loved competing at the Commonwealth Games in 2014 because we made history there too when we got the national record!

What are your plans for Beijing 2022?

Beijing is still four years away so I’ll approach it the same as I have this Olympics with short-term goals along the way and hopefully it will work the same as this time!

What do you like to do when you’re back in South Wales?

When I’m back in Wales I am usually training with my group, which includes my boyfriend who does the decathlon. In my spare time, I like having lazy days watching Disney films.

What do you eat when you’re in training?

I’ll start the day with breakfast of boiled eggs, turkey bacon and a banana chocolate flavoured coffee. For lunch I usually have turkey chilli con carne and some sweet potato for dinner. After training I’ll have a tuna salad. Throughout the day I’ll snack on fruit and if I’m super hungry I love grazing on tortilla chips.

Where do you like to have your cheat meal in South Wales?

If I’m going to have a cheat meal I’ll usually ask my boyfriend to treat me to a meal at Smokehouse – some good American burgers and chips. If it’s a big cheat day I’ll even get corn dogs for starters and a chocolate brownie for desert!


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