Top Tips for an Awesome Autumn with Heath Vets


Time for a breath of fresh (and cool) air. However with it brings some threats, so make sure you take heed of the following:


Consider investing in luminous clothing for both you and your pet. This way, you’ll stay visible when you’re out walking in the dark.


As it gets colder outside, fleas will be gunning for our warm houses; make sure your pet stays up to date with their anti-parasite treatment.


Pets find antifreeze delicious but it is highly poisonous to them. Take care when using this product and make sure you clean up any spillages immediately and effectively.

Keep Small Animals Warm

Make sure their hutches or enclosures stay nice and warm. For more information on keeping small pets warm, contact us today.

Watch Out for Sleeping Cats

Before getting into your car, give your bonnet a little tap. Cats like to sleep beneath cars or on the tyres so make sure you give them the chance to escape before you set off.

Keep an Eye on your Pet’s Weight

If your dog’s walks are shorter and your cat isn’t roaming as much, be careful to feed them accordingly so their weight doesn’t creep up.

Keep Elderly Pets Warm

Older and thinner pets feel the cold more. Halloween-themed or otherwise, a dog jacket might be necessary for certain dogs.

FIrework displays arent always appreciated

Many of our pets dont enjoy the loud noises associated with firework displays. There are many ways to ease the anxiety and stress. Talk to us about the options.

If you have any questions or require any info, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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