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The Benefits of Advertising in Community Magazines

The Benefits of Advertising in Community Magazines A reputable local magazine will be able to help you formulate an effective advertisement and the benefits of being...

FAQs – Advertising with Local Link

Here at Local Link we are on the go 24/7 but we will always have time for our clients and any questions they may...

What makes a successful print advert? 

Getting your business recognised is on of the most difficult feats of entrepreneurship. People spend years trying to make their businesses a household name....

The Importance of Social Media for a Small Business

Is your business on Facebook? Connecting with people on social media is something we do on a personal level, every day. Just as this helps...

Keeping it Local – The Importance of Supporting Small Local Businesses

Where do you go to buy flowers for your mum? Today, most people would likely say Moonpig or a large online retailer of the...

Why Your Business Needs a Website

Yes, we always bang on about why print advertising is the best way to get the word out about your business, but it goes...

Why does your business need a Marketing Company?

So, your business has been set up. Congratulations! Life now seems 100 times busier; constant meetings and phone calls and a high demand for...

Social Media Management- What IT does and what WE do

While print ad’s still have their place, it would be impossible (and stupid) to claim that social media management is not a key and...

5 Tips To Help You Hate Networking A Little Less

Networking is a major buzzword in modern business, but for most people, they dread the thought of it. Much like when asked ‘tell us...

Celebrating Small Business Saturday

Why You Should Celebrate Small Businesses This Saturday Whether it’s a multi-national major corporation, or your local corner shop, all businesses started small. Here at...
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What led you to a career in radio? It's pretty simple really, radio was never in my forefront I have to admit, from being like...

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