Celebrating Small Business Saturday


Why You Should Celebrate Small Businesses This Saturday

Whether it’s a multi-national major corporation, or your local corner shop, all businesses started small. Here at Local Link Magazine, we are a small business that loves to showcase other small businesses that deserve to shine. This Saturday 2nd December, Small Business Saturday is a campaign after our own hearts; encouraging companies and customers across the UK to show support and shout about local businesses they love.

What is the campaign? Small Business Saturday is a grassroots campaign that has a lasting impact on small businesses by highlighting them and encouraging customers to support these businesses in their local community. Oliver Harcourt, the head of Vistaprint UK, an organisation involved with the campaign feels that ‘campaigns like Small Business Saturday UK play a crucial role in encouraging customers to shop local and support businesses in their community’.

What happens on the day? Small businesses that are involved in the campaign will be putting up posters and raising awareness of the campaign in both their business and on social media, creating solidarity with all involved nationwide.

A UK bus tour is also currently underway, visiting 27 stops in 5 weeks playing to host activities, workshops and small businesses exhibiting. And as the bus passed through Cardiff just a few weeks ago, so the spirit of the national campaign has run very close to home!

What can you do? If you are a small company, or even a customer in a local business, you can get involved. As a small business, you can sign up to the campaign on their website, and pop a poster in your shop window and promote the campaign on your social media pages. If you’re a customer, simply pop into a local business and show your support! If you’re on the lookout for local businesses in Cardiff and Newport, you can use the Small Business Finder on their website (see if you can spot us on there too!).

They say that good things come in small packages, so unwrap your community and support a small business this Saturday.


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