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Blanche Bakery is cooking up a vegan storm in the centre of Roath

By Libby Toogood 

There’s a common misconception that plant-based food is plain, pricey and pretty tasteless. Luckily, a new wave of cafes and restaurants are hitting our high streets, to prove our plant-based assumptions wrong.

Enter Blanche Bakery: a vegan paradise serving coffee, brunch, and cracking doughnuts on the daily. Every Cardiff blogger and their dog have visited the small shop on Mackintosh Place, and a few months ago, I was happily hopped on the bandwagon, and I haven’t got off since.

On arrival at Blanche Bakery, you’ll notice the cool and (very) green interior. For such a small space, the cafe has a spacious and super cool vibe.

Since visiting the shop several times, I have tried a number of their doughnuts, coffees and their newest offering, their selection of vegan brunches.

All food and drink is 100% vegan, and although their products are meat and dairy free, that doesn’t mean they are free from deliciousness!

Every day, the team at Blanche bake brand new doughnut flavours, so on every return you can always try something new (their most popular flavour, French Toast, is however on offer every day).

I have sampled several flavours; my faves range from Earl Grey (as pictured) to Creme Egg. I wish it could be Easter every day for this doughnut alone!

The best things come in twos, particularly when we’re talking doughnuts and coffee. The baristas at Blanche use beans from Assembly Espresso; coffee roasters from London, who Blanche sourced specifically for their sustainable values. Assembly Espresso partner with the project ‘Red Associations’, which supports sustainability and coffee farmer’s rights in coffee growing regions. Sustainable as well as super tasty!

Their espresso is top-notch, but if you don’t like your coffee ‘black’, they offer a choice of plant-based milks for your standard latte, or a few, more creative coffees (think Matcha Rose Lattes and iced coffees with homemade strawberry syrup).

Plant-based doesn’t neccessarily equal pricey, as the doughnuts cost around £2.50-3, and the coffees between £2-3.50, depending on your order. This plant-based cafe prices up similarly to your regular high-street coffee offering (move over Costa Coffee).

The proof is definitely in the (vegan) pudding at this bakery. I was sceptical before visiting Blanche, wondering how a dairy-free doughnut could taste good – but they proved me wrong.

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