Depot’s Summer Feastival 2018 – Cardiff


By Beth Girdler- Maslen

If you’re a big fan of street food, Depot’s Summer Feastival is the place to visit. From pizza to poutine to ice-cream, The Summer Feastival is running from Friday 17th until Sunday 9th September, giving you plenty of time to get down to beautiful Sophia Gardens to try all the different food stalls that you can. Each weekend has a different line up from award winning street food traders from the South West and all over Wales. Friday evening at the Feastival is more of a party vibe, with all day Saturday and Sunday more focused on a family- fun atmosphere. What’s more, entry is free and there is unlimited entertainment to choose from.

When entering the Feastival, you are greeted by a multitude of smells and colours, with a big sign for the Feastival right at the entrance, presumably for all the Instagram and Snapchat opportunities. Sophia Gardens is a great place to host the Feastival and the street food and entertainment has been set out very accessibly. Barrels have been set up to act as tables as well as benches, with a big tent in the middle of the feastival for if the weather takes a turn. A stage is in the corner, where DJs and live artists play and there is a corner filled with entertainment, like table tennis, games and a glitter/face paint tent for the kids, or the glitter obsessed 20-somethings. There is a big bar selling your basic pints and soft drinks but Depot has also got limited and themed cocktails as well as craft beers. The street food is in a ring around the whole feastival for people to walk around and figure out what they want, with stalls and elaborate vans with chalk boards detailing the food and prices.

The range of food is extensive and the meat stalls contain vegetarian options. Many cuisines are at the feastival ranging from Thai, Greek, Indian and Canadian. The food stalls are from all over the country including The Pork Society, a Birmingham company with pork recipes sold out of an old caravan. Cardiff’s local talent comes from The Dough Thrower, liquid nitrogen made Science Cream and Tukka Tuk to name a few. I had the Canadian poutine from Puckin’ Poutine, which is chips, cheese curds and gravy. It was the best introduction to poutine and other toppings could be added like buffalo chicken and pork.

The Summer Feastival is definitely worth the trip to Sophia Gardens for the amazing food and entertainment. A perfect way to end the summer.


Starting on Friday, August 17 and running until Sunday, September 9 , the festival – will be held every Friday evening, all day Saturday and until 8pm on Sunday for four weeks.


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