How Kelly Turn’d up her Fitness



‘Being big all my life was hard’, said Kelly Watts, a mother from Cardiff. Kelly’s joined an exercise class several months ago, changing her life for the better. She’s lost over a whopping 5 stone in weight, and she’s gained fitness, friends and the opportunity to start her own ‘Turn’d Up’ fitness class as a fully qualified instructor.

Growing up, Kelly’s life was burdened by her weight; when her friends were following the latest fashions and trends, she struggled to find clothes to fit as an obese teen.

During early adulthood, Kelly had lost a lot of weight. But after falling pregnant, her weight bumped to nearly 16 stone again. ‘I felt so unhappy’ she said, ‘I haven’t been able to look at myself in the mirror in the last five years’.

‘It was terrifying, and I knew I had to change’ said Kelly, as she now had Jaxson, her young child, to worry about.

‘Turn’d Up’ is an exercise that mixes dance, fitness and drama into one class. The creator wanted create energy, empowerment and a sense of community at the classes. Despite her fear of what people would think, Kelly decided enough was enough, and signed up for her first class.

‘I’m so glad I went’ she said, ‘it was a life changing moment for me and I was hooked from the first class!’

Pain and cluelessness aside, Kelly loved her first class and she couldn’t believe how something so buzzing could burn calories. But most of all, her connection with the class-goers is what kept her coming back for more. From the instructors, to the regulars, to the first-timers; everyone is like-minded and lovely no matter which class or session you attend. ‘We really are a Turn’d Up family’ she said.

After 7 months, Kelly went from feeling hopeless to hopping around in dance videos and events.

The fitness class recently announced a competition, ‘Turn Up Your Life’, offering one lucky winner the chance to train to be a fully qualified ‘Turn’d Up’ instructor. Kelly was nominated by her classmates, and when she eventually won the competition, she couldn’t believe her luck. ‘To be nominated was a real achievement, and to win the competition was beyond anything I thought I could achieve.’ ‘I do believe the saying now anything is possible – because I am proof that it is.’

If you’re inspired by Kelly’s story, visit the Turn’d Up website to read more about the classes and to find a class near you. In September, you’ll be able to join a class taught by Kelly herself, starting 15th September at 6pm at the Chapter Arts House in Canton.


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