I wish I had known more about care planning before mum had her fall, it would have saved us thousands!


Last year mum had a fall. She slipped carrying the shopping and hasn’t been the same ever
since. Her mobility has worsened and soon she will be in a wheelchair.

Because me and my brother work fulltime and have children of our own, we can’t be there
for mum when she needs our help. Dad passed away in 2009 so he’s not in the picture

A few weeks ago, we arranged a care assessment to see what help mum would need going
forward. The result? Mum is going be moving into a nursing home.

After hearing this I was relieved to know that mum was going to be properly looked after and get the care she needs. However, my relief quickly changed to worry when the council
carried out the financial assessment and said that mum was going to have to pay for her
own care because she has over £50,000.

Of course, mum has savings and the house, but to think that she has worked hard all her life to watch her money drain away. It’s going to cost £3,592 every month for mum to be in a nursing home.

Mum has already lost her physical ability, now she’s losing control of her finances too!
After going through all of this I spoke with a friend who said she was in a similar situation a
few years back. Except for her parents, the government are funding their care even though
they own over £50,000. How was this possible!?

She said she had a chat with Geraint Davies at The Money Partnership, a specialist in care
planning, who talked to her about how you can protect your savings and home from care

It was too late for me. Mum has already had her financial assessment, doing anything now
would look like we were purposefully avoiding care fees.

But it’s not too late for you though. The perfect time to help your parents is NOW, when
they’re healthier and have the capacity to make their own decisions.

Give Geraint a call, see how much money he can save you from care fees.

01633 987070


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