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With the festive period behind us. We are now packing up our beautiful trees.. but what now… The rooms always look empty, right?

What better time to freshen the house in preparation for spring. This year in stores you will see creams and whites added to one contrasted bold colour. Velvet textures. Geometric design is staying for another year! Another will be mixed metals of gold, nickel & bronze. Granted a juxtaposition in design.. however the trend will happen.
I promise !! So all those odd metal items you have in the cupboard will no longer be obsolete!
2020 is definitely a time to hold onto your cash & re-use what you have.. but adding the odd item you’ve just had to buy!

Okay so 2020 interior trends:
Creams, Whites & a bold colour
To achieve a crisp clean room, white is the only colour you’ll achieve this fully. Adding one bold colour to interiors will provide a striking focal point. 2020 you’ll see feature walls of paper & paint going! One colour is back in! Add colourful cushions, pictures, plants, throws etc to make the room ‘pop’.

From the beginning of summer 2019 the stores were full of hexagons & circular items. This will continue through 2020.
(I predict this will blend into the mixed metal theme by summer)

Mixed metals
Gone are the days of having one metallic element in your home. Its slowly creeped in from the end of last year. But its here! So embrace it. Gold, nickel & copper will give you the contrast in a room you need. Be careful not to mix more than 3 metals or itll be too busy & overwhelming.

Who’d have thought velvet would be back! Rich in tone & texture. Added to a clean wall will give you so much depth. Velvet may not be everyones taste, but it’s going to be piping hot and trendy in 2020. When most people think of velvet, they’re often thinking about the old red velvet upholstery of the 80s. This year you’ll see deep purple, blue, pink & taupe. It’s the perfect blend of comfort & luxury.

Daniel Price
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