International Women’s Day – Meet Gemma Davies


International Womens Day Gemma Davies Loca Link Magazine

International Womens Day Gemma Davies Loca Link MagazineMarch 8th marks an international celebration of successful women from around the world. While many around the globe will be celebrating various feminist icons, ranging from Beyoncé to Michelle Obama. How can we reduce the celebration of these incredible women into one day a year? Here at local link, we have our very own superstar who deserves recognition.

Gemma Davies started Local Link in the back room of her house in 2013, and it has since blossomed into a successful magazine, supporting and promoting local family run businesses throughout South Wales. Gemma worked as a civil servant for 18 years, originally starting up local link alongside her full time job and caring for two young children.

The light bulb moment struck Gemma while she was marketing her husband’s plastering business throughout similar publications, and after being made redundant, Gemma took a leap of faith and decided to make local link a full time business.

International Womens Day Gemma Davies Loca Link MagazineIn 2016, with baby number three joining the gang, Gemma hired Alice Line as marketing manager – her first full time member of staff, and these two ladies have stopped at nothing when making Local Link the successful business it has now become. From their friendly close relationships with clients, to their fry up lunches, these two are badass, and ready to take on the world at all times.

Gemma’s bubbly, chatty and sweet personality shines through in everything she does, and she never fails to put a smile on people faces with her positive, can- do attitude. In a few short years, her wonderful approach has allowed local link to blossom as a business, and expand into several other fields, such as social media management and graphic design.

Forget celebrating International Woman’s Day, the praise Gemma deserves should span for longer than one day a year, because she does not work hard for one day a year. She has committed herself each and every day to make her business succeed and grow at such an incredible rate. She is truly an inspiration to women is business, not just in South Wales, but nationwide.

Here’s to Gemma Davies!


International Womens Day Gemma Davies Loca Link Magazine


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