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If you really want to get rid of stubborn fat but the thought of hours in the gym and a diet of plain chicken and broccoli gives you nightmares then listen up. Rachel and her Ultrasound Cavitation machine is here to help. I work out regularly and eat a reasonably good diet…but I still have fat I need to shift, so I was delighted to be invited to try out the procedure for myself.

So, what is Ultra Cavitation? The procedure uses ultrasound technology to attack the stubborn fat deposits that you just can’t shift. Most common problematic areas include belly, love handles, bingo wings and male ‘man-boobs’. The treatment is sometimes called Lipo Cavitation, but is not to be confused with Liposuction. This treatment involves no pain, no downtime and is noninvasive, and is affordable!

What happens during the treatment? First, measurements are taken on the treatment area. There aren’t many people that I would feel comfortable with to just whip my top off and let measure my belly, especially when I had only just met them…but Rachel made me feel really comfortable right from the start.

Time for the magic. My chosen area (belly) was covered in a gel ready for the Ultrasound machine. The device was applied directly to my stomach and continuously moved around the treatment area. I’ve never had children…but I can only imagine it’s just how an Ultrasound scan feels.

The treatment lasted about 20mins. This can be longer or shorter depending on the person, size of targeted area and thickness of fat layer. After the Ultrasound Cavitation Rachel used a skin tightening device on the area for around 10mins, so overall a full 30mins of treatments.

Did it work? Many clients experience a significant circumference reduction after just a couple of sessions…sometimes even after just one! How many sessions you need for a significant result depends on your body’s response to the procedure.

Personally, I lost 1/2 an inch. It may not sound a lot but when Rachel showed me the before and after photos I could see a difference…and really feel it in my jeans.

Is it expensive? The best part is that it’s so affordable! The Ultrasound Cavitation is just £49 per session so a complete no-brainer for me, especially with Summer just around the corner. Rachel always has various offers on so make sure to check her Facebook page for the latest deals.

Conclusion. Although I didn’t have a massive loss on my first go I will definitely be retuning for Rachel to work her magic on me again. I would recommend to anyone with stubborn fat they want shifted to give Rachel a visit. Give the procedure a try and view the results for yourself.

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