Review: Ciliegino


A taste of Sicily in St David’s Centre

Ciliegino Italian Restaurant is a small chain of Italian restaurants: with 4 locations in Italy and 1 in Cardiff. The restaurants are all placed in shopping centres, aiming to provide good quality food for any time of the day. Recently, we spent the evening at Ciliegino, to experience a slice of Sicily in the heart of Cardiff City Centre.

We were seated in their simple but stylish restaurant to peruse the menu. First, Rob and I had the focaccia garlic bread, Gemma had the bruschetta and Ryan had the calamari. The garlic bread was a flavoursome and a failproof starter. The bruschetta was topped with tomatoes, onion, basil and lashings of garlic oil; a fresh taste to top the crispy toasted ciabatta bread. The calamari went down a treat with Ryan.







For our main course, I had the Philadelphia pizza; a thin Italian base topped with ham, cherry tomatoes, rocket and Philadelphia cheese, with chips on the side. The base was thin and crispy, and the fresh toppings tasted great with the creamy, soft cheese.








Gemma had half a chicken, seasoned with Italian herbs, and Ryan had the steak, cooked to medium rare perfection, both dishes served with chips on the side.







Last, but not least, Rob had the ‘Patatosa’ pizza, an Italian pizza base with tomato sauce and mozzarella, unusually topped with French fries. However, as chips and pizza are two of Rob’s (and I’m sure most of ours) favourite foods, the topping was an unusual, but delicious topping for a pizza.

Ciliegino Restaurant is a delicious slice of Italy, in the unexpected location of the St David’s Shopping Centre. Whether it’s a bite to eat between meetings, a date night, or you’re craving all the carbohydrates, Ciliegino is the place to go!


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