Review: Solar Buddies – Child-friendly Sunscreen Applicator


The sun is still shining, so sun cream is an essential part of the daily routine. The task is essential, but tricky; as spray and squirty bottles can get messy and take several minutes to rub into their skin.

Mothers Lauren and Kelli have launched a new product, Solar Buddies, which aims to make sun cream application easier and cleaner for young children. They launched the product after discussing the ‘no-touch policy’ in place at schools and created a product that allows teachers to apply sun cream to children in a safe and convenient way.

The ease of the product claims that children can use the applicator with ease and mess-free; a great selling point for parents who want to give more independence to their children as they grow older.

I wanted to put the product to the test with my two youngest children, Maddox and Harper.

I was surprised how quickly the kids got to grips with the Solar Buddies sun cream applicator. The applicator has a roller ball, with sponge padding for extra comfort, to allow easy application and absorption of sun cream for children.

The applicator also means teachers can apply sun cream to a child, while obeying the no-touch policy.

Also, the less mess, less stressful application meaning the kids were able to apply their sun cream independently. This is great for parents of young children, who want to start giving their kids more independence as they grow older.

Harper (aged 3) currently has a mild obsession with sun cream, and being apply to apply it for herself meant the SolarBuddy was a huge hit with her.

Solar Buddies is unique to similar products, as it allows you to fill the applicator with your chosen sun cream. This allows your kids to use sun cream with ease, while using the sun cream that works for you.

I was very impressed with the quality, ease and mess-free applicator, that parents, teachers and children can all use. You can buy the applicator on Amazon, and directly from the Solar Buddies website, for just £8.99 (sun cream not included).


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