The cleaning queen who is committed to helping her community

For Charmain Edwards of Cleany Queeny, a childhood passion for being tidy and having everything in its place has led to a flourishing business.
She established her domestic, commercial, and site cleaning business in Newport and Cardiff a year ago and was able to leave her job and put all her energies into her business a few months later.
“It was my partner’s idea. He said I should take the energy I spent on cleaning my home and put it into a business,” Charmain said.
She’s so glad she took his advice now, even though the COVID-19 pandemic proved a huge challenge for her business.
Although cleaning was needed more than ever to help halt the spread of the virus, there were also the lockdown rules to contend with.
“I was worried for the health and safety of my family as well as the impact this would have on our staff, the public, and the future of the business,” said the mum-of-two who has children aged four and 20 months.
“Clients cancelled, staff had to go into isolation, and the closure of schools, nurseries, and child-care had a big impact.”
Charmain decided to pause all regular cleans and most of her staff were furloughed whilst two cleaners agreed to remain in work. ‘’The company would’ve struggled to remain open if it wasn’t for these two cleaners as each week I was able to continue some cleaning to cover the costs and overheads of running the business, I’m so thankful,’’ she said.
While Charmain’s partner took care of their children, she put together letters to customers offering deep, anti-bacterial cleans, organized PPE, and bought a disinfectant fogging machine.
“I was determined that Cleany Queeny would survive,” she said.
She also knew that it’s vital for businesses to show their commitment to their communities.
Cleany Queeny is fundraising for the NHS, Alzheimer’s Disease, and a third cause which will be chosen by the public with a raffle of prizes from local businesses. She hopes to raise more than £1,000.
Now, as the economy begins to open up again, there is major demand for Cleany Queeny’s services. Thanks to that and a bounce back loan, Charmain is looking to recruit another five cleaners to take her staff numbers to 19.
“My advice to business owners now is to diversify, find packages which are affordable and attractive, and, when it comes to price, remember that we need to help one another,” she said.


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